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Covid 19 vaccine

The Covid 19 vaccine is recommended to be avoided in any patient who has had severe anaphylaxis reactions to any injections in the past. All other patients are recommended to get the Covid 19 vaccine. The vaccine does cause 12 to 24 hours of flulike symptoms with pain at the injection site, fevers chills and body aching, and possibly mild nausea or diarrhea. However symptoms are short lived and are due to the body's immune response to the vaccine. Patient who are immunosuppressed should also get the vaccine since the risk of side effects is just like any other person. However patient with immune suppression may not mount a good immune response and there is a possibility that they may not produce adequate antibodies after vaccination because of their week immune system. The RNA vaccine is much better than old vaccines as it is very targeted specific to the spike protein, and there is no virus in the vaccine or protein making this very unlikely to cause other side effects.

Adil Asaduddin, MD Internal Medicine Physician practicing since 2002 in the Katy and West Houston area

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Many of my patients have been asking me how to get scheduled for a Covid Vaccine, so I have compiled a list of tips below to help guide you. Hope this helps!

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We are now making Tele-med virtual office visits with Zoom. If you want to use Virtual meeting for your appointment please download the following App.

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We are receiving multiple patient requests for information on receiving Covid 19 vaccination. Please take a look below at the recommendations on how you can get scheduled for Covid 19 vaccinations. 1 -Please Check your Me