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New Treatments for Covid-19 and Covid Testing

If you have symptoms concerning for Covid 19, we are testing patients here at our office, and down stairs in the first floor the hospital for more urgent cases.  Symptoms of concern include flulike illness signs such as fevers chills and body aching, as well as severe headaches, and dry cough with shortness of breath. 

The good news is we have treatments available at this time and patients are doing better with treatment in my experience in the last month.  Also, I am glad to say that Pfizer vaccines are going to be delivered to Methodist Hospital and Memorial Hospital facilities for frontline health care personnel who will be vaccinated soon! Then hopefully the vaccines will be arriving at the local pharmacies in the spring.  The Pfizer vaccine does need to be kept very cold on dry ice at -80°F.  However the Moderna Vaccine only needs to be in a regular freezer and can be administered at any local pharmacy.  I would recommend waiting until December 17 when FDA committee will be meeting and give the official approval. Then I expect which pharmacies will start placing dates on when they will have availability of vaccines for the general public.

Adil Asaduddin, MD Internal Medicine Physician practicing since 2002 in the Katy and West Houston area

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